Clinical Hypnotherapy

What is hypnosis?

Although many people have misconceptions about what hypnosis is and what happens during it, hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that we have all experienced from time to time. Have you ever driven somewhere and then got to your destination and wondered how you arrived there?  This is often referred to as 'highway hypnosis' and occurs when your attention and concentration is inwardly focused, whilst you are still safely driving your car.  Hypnosis is a form of focussed attention - which when used therapeutically can help you to make positive powerful changes and be receptive to new ideas.


Hypnosis allows you to experience things in a more intense way than in the ordinary wakeful state.  Despite the references used by stage hypnotists to 'getting sleepy ..." it is not a state of sleep or unconsciousness.  You will be conscious and be able to hear everything that is being said to you and most people remember it all afterwards.

What clinical hypnotherapy is not

Hypnosis has been used in performances on stage or television to provide entertainment for others.  This usually involves someone acting in a comical way, such as clucking like a chicken and bears no relation to the type of hypnotherapy used by trained professionals.

What can hypnosis be used for?

Hypnosis is used as a safe, effective, comfortable tool to complement more traditional methods in the treatment of many conditions especially pain relief, reduction of stress, alleviation of anxiety and fears, habit reversal and developing a more positive mental outlook on life.


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What to expect

Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process using evidence based methods from both cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).  Being 'collaborative' means that we will spend some time together exploring what you are currently experiencing and how you would like things to be different and you need to play an active role in this.  This could be developing more self confidence in driving or public speaking, or it could be getting rid of a phobia about spiders or fear of flying.  No matter what the issue, we will agree a treatment plan that is tailor made for your unique situation.  The speed and success of the treatment depends on your motivation, commitment and active participation.

Sounds good?

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