Benefits of hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapy, is an evidence based cognitive behavioural approach which is the treatment of choice for dealing with anxiety, phobias, stress, pain management and IBS, to name but a few. 


  • Hypnosis uses the healing power of your mind and is relaxing, generally enjoyable and fun.

  • It can be used to complement many existing treatments and increase their effectiveness. 

  • Once you have experienced this powerful technique it is a skill that you can learn to master and use in many aspects of your life.

  • Hypnotherapy promotes long-lasting changes.

  • It can be used safely by most people, having no negative side effects, such as those associated with medication or surgery.
  • Clinical hypnosis has been used for more than two hundred years as safe method of promoting change. 

  • It is so powerful that it has been used as an method of anesthesia in child birth, amputations, dentistry and general pain relief. 

  • It is recommended by NICE as an effective treatment of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and anxiety.