"I did get, and continue to get, a great deal from the Mindfulness course.  It has changed the way I respond to my thoughts and feelings and given me the tools to continue to grow and enjoy all those moments in life that often pass us by without a thought, and the ability to calm my mind and body when required. I will certainly be continuing to expand my knowledge, and I use the skills, often being presented with opportunities to use what I now know."
Mrs L H - Waterlooville January 2024



"My outlook on life is now more accepting with greater awareness and more confidence and excitement about the future.  I feel so empowered now.  I'm very grateful for all of your help."  Mrs H, Cheriton


"Lydia has an unique gift as as a counsellor.  From our first session I felt that she truly got me and absolutely wanted to help me. She is very warm and intuitive, as well as being very experienced and proactive.  And she is also quite simply a lovely person.  She helped me learn how to transform my responses to the challenges in my life; and I feel much more centred and very much happier because of her help."  Mrs B, East Tisted


"I can't speak highly enough of Lydia's skills and feel incredibly fortunate to have been helped by her."  J


"I couldn't have done it without you.  I'm a happier person, a better person and I know myself.  I will be forever grateful." D


"Very happy, it's a lovely setting with a very calming feel about the place.  It made me feel oddly safe being there at a time when I just didn't have that anywhere else." C


"I've never encountered such profound attention." J


"I'm very satisfied with the counselling/life coaching.  It's enabled me to see my life through a different perspective, having the ability to affect decisions and assess the impact before acting."  P


"You have made me realise that I'm a human being too!  I don't need to be as harsh on myself and I should forgive myself." N


I'm much more able to see myself and have awareness of my moods and stability. I know it's going to be hard but I'm looking forward to my future now.  You've shown me how strong I really am." S