What is Counselling?

Counselling is a form of talking therapy which can help us to become aware of patterns of behaviour from our past which shape the way we live, think and behave today.  You can learn let go of the past and to make new choices to lead a happier and more balanced life.

  • You may find that simply having someone who listens  properly and isn't directly involved in your life, is enough to help you to address your issue in a relatively short space of time (6 - 12 weeks) and this is where counselling can help.
  • Other longer standing issues usually require a lengthier period of working together over several months (20 - 40 weeks) for the greatest benefit.  Our work together is all about forming a healthy and secure therapeutic relationship through which change can happen.


I will offer you the time and a safe space to explore your issues by listening with empathy, being non-judgmental and asking questions to enable you to explore your area of concern, helping you to find the right answers for yourself.


  • Occasionally the work may be challenging, as it may uncover long-buried issues from childhood, however we can work through this together.  Part of my role is to ensure that you only work at a level you are comfortable with.
  • If putting your feelings into words is difficult I have a range of creative ways to help you to express yourself - such as using objects, drawing, sand-trays etc.  Don't worry - it isn't about being 'arty' - it is about exploring things from a different perspective which most people find really helpful.


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